What Fencing Options Provide the Most Privacy for My Backyard?

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What Fencing Options Provide the Most Privacy for My Backyard?

Looking to boost your yard’s privacy? Who could blame you? Nobody wants to have everybody walking by and gawking in at what they’re doing! Thankfully, you can choose fantastic privacy fences from fence services to keep other people’s eyes out for good! Here are a few of the most popular and effective options that you might want to try.

Wood Pickets

By far one of the most popular fence types, a wood picket fence is a great option for privacy. They’re very solid, and you can build them without spaces between each slat, making them more private. If you’re going for a classic style, try them out. We think you’ll be surprised by what great fence services can do for you.

Vinyl Panels

According to IBISWorld, the fence industry (specifically construction) is worth around $18 billion in America. Vinyl fences play a large role in this popularity! They’re easy to install, typically taking only a few days, and can last almost 30 years with almost no upkeep. Even better? They are very private. Try seeing around a properly installed vinyl fence and tell us how it goes.

Metal Slats

Have you ever seen those horizontal slat fences in neighborhoods in your town? They’re awesome, aren’t they? Here’s something cool you might not know — they’re not as costly as you might think. Even better, they provide amazing privacy and more than enough airflow for your yard. Frankly, they’re pretty hard to top in most regards!

Shadowbox Fences

Last, and certainly not least, is the shadowbox fence. Designed to look like a classic picket fence, it has one unique twist that makes it so great: alternating rows of vertical planks. This approach creates a beautiful fence style with complete privacy. Best of all, the two inner rows create identical looks to make your yard gorgeous on both sides!

Try to find high-quality fence services that meet your needs. Pay attention to your budget, yard style, and more to get the look you need. Just as importantly, make sure you research the company you want to use to find a great team like Comal Fence! As one of the most trusted fence crews around, we’re ready and willing to do whatever you need to transform your yard for the better.