What to Expect From Professional Fence Services

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What to Expect From Professional Fence Services

Fences provide great security to your residential property. They can also add to the curb appeal based on their design. Here are some things to expect when you hire local fence services.


Your professional fence contractor will sit with you to review what you want from a fence. Discuss your ideal materials and design. Discuss budget and size preferences. If you want a painted fence, now is the time to ask about that. Whatever your needs are, your fence contractor will work with you to meet them to the best of their ability.


What happens if you’re not pleased with the final result? Or what if the initial job goes well, but there’s an issue shortly after? Luckily, a fencing contractor will provide a warranty, so they can return and make necessary repairs without additional fees. In some cases, they may also give you a guarantee, so you get your money back within 30 days or so if you’re unhappy with the fence. Use the same contractor for ongoing maintenance services over the years.

Transparent Pricing

A reliable contractor will be honest about pricing. According to Bob Vila, homeowners can expect around 50% of the overall fence installation cost to come from materials and labor. When you need a written estimate or itemized report, they’ll provide it for you.

Quality Materials

Your local fencing contractor will use the best materials to deliver a strong, durable fence that can last years. These contractors will use weather-resistant materials that are aesthetically pleasing for your curb appeal. They know how to properly install the fence with precision without damaging your surrounding landscape.

Customer Service

Any professional working in fence services understands the value of good customer service. They’ll work hard to meet your expectations, so you can expect a responsive, friendly professional that you can contact with your needs. Expect them to be available to answer any questions, and solve any problems related to your fence before, during, and after the installation.

When you’re ready to give your home the security it needs, call us at Comal Fence. Expect only the best from a quality professional who understands how to work with customers and provides a strong fence to meet different needs. Our team is such a contractor you can trust, so contact us today for a consultation.