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Why Repairing Your Wood Fence is a Good Idea

At Comal Fence company in Cibolo, we know everything it takes to keep your fence and property looking pristine and fully functional. We have over 30 years of experience with wooden fencing techniques, including types of wood most ideal for fences and knowledge about full fence repair.  

Ideally, a wood fence should last around 7-12 years if the lumber is untreated. If you have a wood fence with treated lumber, the life of your fence could last up to 20 or even 30 years. You can ensure your fence remains stable and looking great by taking a few simple steps of maintenance and provision.

Maintaining Your Wood Fence to Enjoy for Many Years to Come

Our fence company in Cibolo can help you protect your wooden fence by providing you with a few basic care methods. For example, clearing excess leaves and wet debris away from your fence can help avoid the problem of trapped moisture around your fence which could cause wood rot. Also, removing unwanted garden debris, grass clippings, leaves, etc. can help remove excessive weight against your fence which causes bowing or weakness in the integrity of your wood fence.

Another good practice to maintain the appearance of your fence is giving it a good pressure wash. Making this a yearly practice can do wonders to keep your fence looking great and staying healthy. After a pressure wash, it’s a good idea to apply a finish or sealant to your fence. This helps keep rot away, as well as sealing it from wood-eating insects.  These simple precautions done once a year can make a huge difference in keeping your fence looking beautiful and staying in good working order.

What You Should Know About Installing a New Wood Fence

There are several pitfalls you can avoid if you are looking to install a new wood fence. Fortunately, our professional installers at Comal’s fence company in Cibolo can help you every step of the way by erecting your fence properly the first time.  We make sure the lumber we use for your fence is fully dried. This ensures the integrity of your fence will not be compromised by warping. We also recommend using pressure-treated wood and/or moisture-resistant hardwoods. This can really pay off for the lifespan of our fence because these types of pre-treated lumber can endure many years of abuse that weather can cause on a wood fence. 

Which is Better: Installing New or Repairing Your Old Fence?

When it comes to choosing whether to replace your old fence or erecting a brand new one, the expense may be your biggest deciding factor. It’s important to know the price of repair vs. installation can fluctuate a great deal depending on the condition of your existing fence. For example, if your fence is suffering from severe structural damage, patching repairs will not provide lasting improvement because the integrity is already compromised. This is when building a new fence is your best solution.  However, if you have minimal damages, you might be better off repairing it. In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance might even cover such repairs.

You Can Trust Our Professionals for the Care of Your Wooden Fence

At Comal’s fence company in Cibolo, we are committed to your satisfaction and we strive to provide you with solutions for all your fencing needs. Unlike other fence companies, we will not oversell or misguide you because our goal is to provide you with the quality service you deserve.  Whether you are looking to repair your wood fence or wanting a new fence installed, we have you covered. Give Comal Fence Co. a call today. We will give you a free, fair quote on your fence repairs or installation. 

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