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Texas is a wide-open place. You know this when you are sitting on top of one of the hills of Comal County, and you look around at all of the openness of the sky, or a field full of Texas bluebonnets and wild clover in the spring. While a lot of us like to live in the wide-open spaces, there are times that the space needs to be fenced in to protect property or assets. If you need your space in the Comal County, Texas area fenced in, you need the help of a Comal County fence company. Let us tell you why Comal Fence should be your first call.

Choice of Materials

There are many fence companies who only do one type of fencing. They don’t have the expertise to do more than one type of fencing. You need a fence company in Comal County that can do more than one type of fencing. Comal County represents many different people from many different walks of life, so it makes sense that fencing needs to be different as well. Perhaps you are looking for an attractive wooden fence for your backyard. We can take care of that. Maybe you want an iron fence for your commercial property. No problem. Perhaps you are in need of chain link and pole fencing. Comal Fence can do that as well. We can even use vinyl fencing if that’s the material you want. No other company in Comal County can give you this kind of variety.


You are making an investment in your property when you decide to put a fence around it. Fencing isn’t cheap, and you want a Comal County fence company that can do your fencing right the first time. Can you imagine a fence company trying to put fencing around your cattle grazing pasture if they don’t know how? You need to call someone with experience putting in all kinds of fencing to do the work right the first time. Also, you want someone who can look at your property and make suggestions on which type of fencing would be better for you and your needs.

Customer Service

Nothing is more important than customer service. When you call a fence company to look at your property, you want them to be on time. You want them to be courteous and listen to your needs. You want a company who will talk to you if you have questions, and who will show up on time until the work is completed. We know that customer service is a priority. We also know that if we want happy customers, we need to treat them the way we would want to be treated. That means making sure that we are on time, answer questions, treat customers respectfully, offer suggestions, and clean up when the job is done.

As part of our commitment to customers and their needs, we do something that very few fence companies do: we repair fences–all kinds of fences. Many fencing companies will not repair fences–even if they built them. However, we know that sometimes, fences have accidents that need repairing. We will repair your fence for you, whether it is vinyl, wood, iron, or chain link.

If you are looking for an excellent fence company in the Comal County area, contact Comal Fence today.

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