Learning About Metal Fencing in Boerne

Metal Fencing in Boerne, TX

For the best metal fencing Boerne has to offer, Comal Fence has you covered. From iron, to pipe, all the way to chain link, we have the perfect metal fencing solution for you. One of the most requested materials for metal fencing is iron. However, many metal fences are steel or aluminum that mimic the look of iron for much less money.

Below we have provided a brief history of metal fencing and the options that you have to choose from for your home, office or ranch.

A Brief History of Metal Fencing

During Colonial times, only the wealthiest people could afford to import hand-shaped (wrought) iron to embellish and protect their fine stone and brick townhouses. However, as domestic blacksmithing began to grow in the early 1800s, iron fences began to enhance more varied styles of homes. This type of metalwork peaked during the Victorian period, when foundries began mass-producing elaborate posts, pickets and scroll details.

Current Trends in Metal Fencing

Today, metal fences are designed to suggest wrought iron, but are most often made of weatherproof aluminum or steel and typically with hollow pickets created to look like solid metal bars. These lighter-in-weight panels make for much easier installation and much lower cost than wrought iron, which can typically start at $125/linear foot.

Let’s try to figure out which style and type of metal fencing will best suit your home and improve curb appeal, while also saving you money.

Types of Metal Fencing Boerne Residents have to Choose From

Which metal you choose depends on both the amount of maintenance you are willing to handle and the level of detail you desire. The aesthetics of your hollow metal parts depends on how well the company installing your new fence hides their fasteners, which makes them more solid-looking. No matter the material, all posts will need to be set in concrete. Most metal fencing today is made from one of the following materials:


  • Tubular Steel: Sheets of tubular steel are bent into rails, posts and hollow pickets, while panels are welded and screwed into the posts. Steel is sturdy enough to allow for fewer posts and 8-foot panels. However, steel can become scratched and rusted, despite a galvanizing coat underneath the paint.


  • Tubular Aluminum: This material is shaped into pre-assembled pieces or panels that are built typically for DIY kits and have pickets that screw into the rails. With this material, noticeable fasteners pierce into each picket and often leave screw heads facing toward the street. However, this material will never rust and is around 4 times lighter than steel.


  • Solid Steel: Pieces of this material are machined and then welded together, with rails attaching to posts with tabs, brackets or welds. Solid steel can feature scrolls and curves, pointed tips and rope-like twists that suggest wrought iron. However, the finish may not include a galvanized coating, and can require more regular maintenance and upkeep.

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